.... treehouse fits as comfortably on a sunny front porch or a smoky juke joint"

"vocals fit between John Hiatt and Tom Waits "

Imagine good friends sitting on the front porch playing their favorite musical or percussion instrument and singing songs that add meaning to daily life.  Kevin Dooley’s new cd Treehouse is reminiscent of a spontaneous front porch collaboration that resulted in memorable, magical musical compatibility. Kevin’s new songs are already old,   downhome tunes we’ve known all our lives.  He adds a rare front porch to this Treehouse. 


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" the soundtrack to a Jack Kerouac movie" " fibe songs.. monroe doctrinesque"

A seasoned veteran of open road nostalgia and soulful serenades, troubadour Kevin Dooley comes with it again via his fifth studio album, Moonlight Highway.

The Longmont resident has pulled together a superb band, with the likes of Eric Thorin, Gurf Morlix, John Magnie and Steve Amedee helping to create the country/Americana/Celtic vibe of the album.
“Love’s Been Linked To The Blues,” a David Olney joint, opens with the Subdudes’ John Magnie sending ripples off his Hammond B-3, leading into a deep and dirty rhythm right in tune with Dooley’s barbed-wire vocal delivery. Mid-song finds a guitar trading licks with bubbly pops of organ.

The title track to the album, “Moonlight Highway,” bounces along with vivid musical imagery of open-road travel along the highways of the western U.S. – Bret Billings’ pedal steel acts as the car, and Jessie Burns and his Celtic fiddle ride shotgun.

The Ray Bonneville original “The Big Easy” may be the most interesting and beautiful number on the disc. John Magnie switches from the organ over to an accordion for this one, peacefully pushing along as Dooley drawls the lyrics and a snare drum quietly shakes.

A countryman living in a wide-open country, Kevin Dooley knows what he likes and does it well. Moonlight Highway keeps things mellow, but the guitar work and rhythms really make the album stand out.

about first listen to treehouse CD "Kevin's (guitar and voice)are  the perfect vehicle for his songs that seem to come from an old catalog , kind of a celtic americana...the guitar and mandolin plays are a pure pleasure ...I particularly like The Road Home" ...can't stop listening"

on CAITHNESS FM 102.5 tomorrow night at nine for your audio delight we have the brilliant new album "Treehouse" from Kevin Dooley,a classic from Kris Kristofferson, Poco and yes I haven't forgotten..... Christmas times a coming!! Two tracks  I kid you not,two tracks  from Medicine Music's Christmas album plus Colin Clyne ,Shawn Colvin and much much more, not bad for an hour! Phew I'm of for some mulled wine and a mincemeat pie so please tune in if your in the area,be a shame not to

KEVIN DOOLEY “Treehouse” Translation from italian

“Treehouse” is the ninth album of Kevin Dooley’s discography, a musician that come from Colorado that handecrafted a perfectly balanced little jewel between folk and country music. Kevin Dooley wrote the whole ten songs on the disc, he produced ‘em, recorded and draw the beautiful cover: in short a project with a remarkable personality, great taste and the joy of sharing the passion for the roots with friends and colleagues with him along the way. The album’s ‘fil rouge’ is, inevitably, the journey, a true icon in american literature, music and cinema in a series of sketches conceived between the States and Great Britain alternating melodies absolutely worthy of being reported for their purity and pleasantness. Travel friends are two veterans of the Subdudes adventure, accordion player John magnie and percussionist Steve Amedee that contribute in coloring these songs in a very masterly way, fiddler (and mandolin player) Alex Johnstone real stealer of these sessions and Steve Mullins and Bret Billings with acoustic guitars that form an inspired and soft a sound carpet. Kevin Dooley takes us by the hand with his personal voice and his work on acoustic guitar and bouzouki, always showing a warm rural feeling, simple and tremendously effective. “Happy By This Roadside” opens this route with an intro that reminds me John Mellencamps’ “Lonesome Jubilee” and a delightful approach in which the fiddle does the lion’s share. “Feel The Wheel”, “Drive”, “Kerouac Tree” and “The Road Home”, already from the titles, look like chapters of a travel notebook and they involve even in the instrumental point of view with excellent interweaving of acoustic intruments that owe much to the Colorado ‘grassy’ tradition (and not by chance the album is dedicated to the seminal figure of Charles Sawtelle). Of note there’s also “Willoughby” with its british footprint, the ode to the mountains of “Billy The Mountain” and the clear “Home By Feel”, more items of interest of a disc surprising in many ways and played excellently. 

Freddy reporting treehouse as their top vote for the Euro Chart in Jan and their " pick of the month " , I will be getting a translation :)


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