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happy by this roadside written near tinytown,colorado

Happy Happy by this roadside

I watch the lights, go white to red

Happy Happy by this roadside

and all I've got to do is turn my head

Happy Happy you know just to be

rooted to the ground, and a part of all I see

me and this fence post, waiting on old crow to land,same cry, to these same hills, seems they always understand they always understand

happy happy by this roadside

deep abiding satisfaction

happy happy by this roadside

just to be another roadside attraction

happy happy in the noon day sun happy under the stars after a long day is done


happy happy by this roadside,where the gravel crunch's and the big wheels whine

happy happy by this roadside

wildflower shoulders in the spring time

happy happy you know just to be rooted to the ground and part of all I see


let it roll   written Conwy, Wales

first light showing in the east,gone down the road a piece, same choice at the fork my friends, I still don't know now what I didn't know then

let it roll,let it roll...down that long gone winding road

jack did it in his time, he got his,

think i'll get mine, something calls us sight unseen, step out of the world and into the dream

and let it roll...


dogs bark and shutters clatter,

seasons change and the wild geese scatter,

the way we treat each other is...the only thing that really matters

let it roll...

a soft night in conwy town,welsh rain was falling down,walked thru the door of that club,the power in her song it filled me up

let it roll...

the last rays of autumn's days, fade away like the memory's, all caught up in the web of time, i'll be one of hers and she'll be one of mine

let it roll....

 willoughby   Staffordshire England 

in the land of robin hood

where the rain falls down real good

in a tidy red brick town,

her bare feet would wander round

she was always her daddy's girl,

irish music and bees they filled his world

grew up heart strong had a pack of kids young,

nearly broke that heart when they lost one

as sure as the Shannon, flows to the sea,there will be loss,in this world from which we are never free and they'll be dreams of willoughby, dreams of willoughby

the family weave holds her tight

it's a thoroughly sensible sense of right

blessed are the silver linings there are days when the light comes shining,

shining down thru the English rain, singing thru the night like a bullet train, reaching down.. like the hand in glove with the healing touch of a mothers love

I went walking by the old canal.

where the steam trains haul it down,

and the ovens baked wedge wood plates that put such a smile on my grandmas face

why is life to often cruel, to those who work hard and play by the rules,

they bide there time and pinch their penny's and give to others that don't have any


feel the wheel   written Edinborough Scotland

country lane, crickets song

water wheel turns in the early fall

reds and golds.maples and elms

the cycle turns, yet all is well

don't it make you feel...the wheel (x2)

knowing all is well  knowing all is well

the east bound freight is covered in white, that change is coming

later tonight, its a lonesome whistle

its the coyotes howl, easy to hold as ,the here and now

don't it make you feel the wheel(x2)

knowing all is well

heavy fog, on the river tonight

on the other side just those flickering lights, time is now, it's sink or swim 

if you never play you will never win

don't it make you feel the wheel

knowing all is well

drive   for Jesse Winchester Austin, TX

The sun was shining the day he left Biloxi

the sun was shining but it was raining in his heart

his two tone Chevy, rolled toward deduction

there's just no room... for a broken heart

out on the highway, its just miles and melody's, curves and bends and the sinew mends, still mall voice on the breeze, says every day we are alive... is a good day to drive.... good day to drive

stopped at a small service station somewhere in southern South Dakota

for a full tank of gas and a cold lemonade, the sign in the window said "concert in the park", music is always the answer, he threw a blanket in the shade

of the highway, with it's miles and melody's (refrain)

the sun was just rising as he crossed the Canadian border, cast first shadow on his new homeland, a start as fresh as the smell of the pines on the wood smoke wind,with his back to the past and his eyes on the very next bend

of the highway ,with its miles and melody's (refrain)

the sun was shining the day he left Biloxi

kerouac tree   true story Longmont, CO

*lyrical assist from Jim Somers w chorus!

driftin like the wind, bending like a blade, the zen lunatic kept, rolling away

jack came thru my town while writing on the road and slept under its branches, or so the story's told

wrote this song, my martin and me, sitting there under that kerouac tree, the roots ran deep it was a tall tall pine, his refuge on the road, that day was mine, his refuge on the road

a classic looking two pump station from the day and he who rolled his bones alone was heading for its shade

this gypsy poet, this wandering beat, this lonesome traveler was dead on his feet  (chorus)

drinking thunderbird wine and always looking for the why and the next great adventure underneath the sky,

he wrote visions of cody and had dharma bums bones, met buddah on a freight train went walking off alone (chorus)

the road is still a teacher and its lessons can be hard, i say we spend some time,out sleeping in the yard and remembering the man with the rucksack on his back, he rolled like a wheel down this temporary track


little giant  written for my grandpa small IN town banker

little giant on pipe creek, he set his pocket watch by the phases of the moon

pulled that pilgrim like an ancient tide,

hold on tight lad its a bumpy ride

cradle to grave, things are lost and saved, things rise and fall, so do your best and that's all, do your best that's all

those were the words that he said to me, we were sitting underneath that buckeye tree, an old stogie in his pocket and with a Dixon number two, he would scribe the stuff of life for you (chorus)

deepest in his heart in his old woodshed,mason jars chock full of dreams, the nuts and bolts of life were there, essential as the lighting bugs in the evening air  (chorus)

he lived with us for four months of the year

raked our leaves and counted stars

carried all his life in his roll top tweed

sport coat hanging there on my boyhood door (chorus)

little giant on pipe creek

billy the mountain    Jamestown, CO 

spirit of the green man, hern the hunter

deepest darkest hollow,

billy the mountain

wind in the morning pines, plays an old melody,fills these hollows and hills and if we listen it will set us free

it says look to the quiet mornings and the raucous song of the whippoorwill,

its there in the starlit silence of the high and lonely hills, in the ancient stones still standing.. and the promise of the newborn day

in the fog that rolls down the valley and takes the world away... billy the mountain

high on a sage green hill,where the wind blows all the time, from the depths of the forest so still, three trail combine, sits an old wayside inn,yellow the windows glow and the voices around the fire seem to speak of billy knowing  look to the...


home by feel       following our instincts

a goofy grin on the wind tonight from the place where the laughter still remains

(don't it pull ya like a freight train and pour down like the summer rain all over you and me) x1

time to forgive, time to live and let live, time to cut ourselves some slack cause today,is not coming back, and when the road is dark and the truth is well concealed.... we go home by feel 

we go home by feel

boyhood float down a Michigan river when a fog bank rolled on by,

(spooky lil sounds disappearing ground the world was gone in the blink of an eye)x1  chorus

like birds to the trees,honey to the bees the bees on back to the hive, moth to the flame, sucker to the game or a sailor to the deep blue see,) like a drunkard at the bar or me and my guitar we all need   what we need)x1  chorus

repeat first verse

the road home   Santa Fe, New Mexico

the road home, its the best part of the journey,always like the going,

love returning to the knowing

the road home,worn and weary from the miles and the friends that we make,

make it all worthwhile

the road home, is like a lover calling, thru these autumn leaves falling, sure and slow, let the home fires burn, there are lessons to learn, and no more will i wander alone

the sky is low its not yet morning,

Santa Fe sky is falling, headlights thru the gloaming are searching for the line

and the white lines on the highway. I can barely see em, so its slow and steady turtle, come on be a friend of mine (chorus)

veins of gold n the cottonwoods and the aspens will soon follow, by Raton Pass the sky is clearing its a blue Colorado, huevos in Trinidad and a last tank of gas, home by siesta and curl up with my cat (chorus)

all songs words and music are copyrighted 2015

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